Sara began her career with Arundel Federal in 2011 as the corporate office receptionist. Because of her willingness to learn, help customers and strive for more, she was promoted to the Loan Department where she holds the position of Loan Servicing Representative II. 

“It’s no surprise to me that Sara graduated with honors. She is a hard-worker and extremely diligent in her duties within the loan department” says Tom Herpel, SVP/COO/CFO who recommended Sara for The MBA school.

Sara’s favorite part of her job is “assisting the customers and knowing that each loan has a story. I love knowing that we are a piece of the puzzle that helped someone own their first home or that we were simply there for them when they were making life changes.” And she expects her recent studies to benefit her current position stating “The knowledge you receive at banking school applies to all areas of the bank. It was exciting to get to see things from an overall standpoint and not just loans. I think this will benefit me here at the bank when working with other departments to solve a problem or complete a task.”

When asked what she enjoyed most at school, Sara says it was the people. “Our class has a bond that is out of this world. We are truly like family and support each other not only at banking school but in our everyday lives and positions.”

When not working, Sara enjoys being with friends and family and spending time with her animals. She has 2 cats and a puppy that keep her plenty busy with playtime. She is always listening to music and could be considered slightly obsessed with " The Walking Dead". 

The Maryland Bankers Association offers a “Maryland Banking School” for emerging leaders in their field that are recommended by their current employer to attend their 3-year program.  Arundel Federal currently has three employees that either began the program in a previous year, started last year, or this year.


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