Beginning her career at Arundel Federal in 2017 as a Teller, Nicole has successfully advanced from her original position and is now the Assistant Branch Manager of the Brooklyn Branch. Along with her branch duties, she also assists in presenting community fraud/scam seminars to local organizations and community groups.

Over the course of the three-year program at Maryland Banking School, this summer Nicole and her 11 classmates worked with top bank industry leaders with the goal of enhancing their individual and corporate performance, knowledge, and skills through peer networking and leadership development. While not in session, students were required to complete extensive home study problems as well. “I honestly learned so much and it was such an enjoyable experience. I learned there are many, many functions that go into making the Bank work and be successful as a whole. My freshman year was the year COVID began (August 2020) and during that time it was all a jumbled mess until my junior year when it all came together and made so much more sense to me.”

What’s in Nicole’s future? “Before Banking School, I wanted to stay at the branch level because I enjoy working with the customers so much. However, during our huge presentation my Senior year, where we have to make decisions for our own community bank, I realized I really like helping to make those decisions and could possibly like a more behind-the-scenes position here at Arundel Federal.”

“Nicole is a true professional, hard worker and a natural people person. Her attendance and graduation from MBA will make a positive impact towards the success of the bank, as well as provide value and results for our customers. The Bank realizes that our employees are our most valuable asset, and will continue to invest in them for years to come” stated Tom Herpel, President, and CEO.

When not working, Nicole and her boyfriend keep busy raising their two daughters and dog Duke. She is a foodie who enjoys discovering new foods, restaurants and exploring historical sites with the family.

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