Photo of Patricia-Ann Stetler

Pat Stetler is the Chief Risk Officer and BSA Officer for Arundel Federal Savings Bank. Pat has over 30 years of banking experience from mortgage lending and retail banking to risk management. She has been with Arundel since December of 2015. Pat finds that working at Arundel Federal is reminiscent of her beginnings in banking where customers are in the center of every decision focusing on their needs for today and the future.

As a Chief Risk officer at a community bank, Pat enjoys the times she interacts with the customers which is something she could not do at a larger organization.

Pat previously served as Director for Community First Fund; was a member of the Lititz Business Association; an Officer of the Pony Club; Public school mentor and education program and has supported other bank volunteer initiatives.

In her off hours, Pat enjoys working on the family’s farmette in Pennsylvania and seeing the efforts of hard work. Over the years the family provides forever homes to heritage poultry, various farm animals, horses and wildlife.